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Pandora Investors Lose Patience With ‘Excuses’: Street Wrap

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  Pandora Investors Lose Patience With ‘Excuses’: Street Wrap
by: Mingkai23, January 12 2018 09:29 (#1)

Pandora A/S shares plunged the most in more than six years after the company said revenue for 2017 will be lower than its prior forecast, citing a number of r0;external factorsr1; including a difficult U.S. retail climate and currency headwinds. The market r0;will have little patience with the excuses,r1; Jyske Bank analyst Frans Hoyer said, adding that a change of chief financial officer also raises red flags.

Pandora charms sverige, which lost more than a quarter of its market value last year after hedge funds speculated against the stock, fell as much as 15 percent in Copenhagen. Still, some analysts defended the company, with Sydbankr17;s Soren Lontoft Hansen noting that growth targets for 2018-2022 show that r0;business is doing okay.r1;

2017r17;s shortfall is mainly pandora armband and underlying performance is r0;on par with our model,r1; though 2018-2022 targets are below expectations, Hoyer said by email.

r0;The market will have little patience with the excusesr1; and the r0;change of CFO may also be an indicator of problems.r1;

Notes that utförsäljning pandora doesnr17;t provide specific details on 2018 performance and U.S. market.

The preliminary 2017 report is r0;on the weak side," showing that r0;Pandora is facing a tough retail situation on its mature markets,r1; Lontoft Hansen said by phone.

2018-2022 Ebitda margin target of 35% is also r0;weaker than expected and will mean that the market consensus will have to be adjusted down.r1;

On the positive side, 7%-10% growth target for 2018-2022 r0;is likely to satisfy the market as it underlines that vivienne westwood gioielli milano business is doing okay and is not about to collapse.r1;

Hiring Anders Boyer as a new CFO is also a positive. r0;Anders Boyer has a lot of strong abilities and is a good communicator. Her17;s not just a numbers guy, but a modern CFO who focuses on telling the story about the company.r1;
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