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method to prevent acne come again?

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  method to prevent acne come again?
by: serenediana, February 12 2018 20:34 (#1)

5. Keep a healthy eating intake

Maintaining a diet is very important for skin health. The reason, people who eat foods with high glycemic index are more often exposed to acne than those who do not. Examples of foods or beverages with high glycemic index are chips, baked goods that use white flour, and soft drinks. These foods and drinks tend to be less nutritious but can increase blood sugar quickly. It's good to start eating foods such as vegetables, fruits, and steamed or boiled foods. Do not forget also enough your body fluid intake to keep every organ of the body still work well.
6. Do not often wear makeup

It is very tempting to cover acne with makeup. However, you certainly know, if it can make acne worse. Then it is recommended to use make up as rare and as thin as possible. Thick makeup can also make the skin pores clogged and eventually arise acne.
7. Control your stress

Acne can appear when you are stressed due to unbalanced body hormones. To prevent acne hormones come attacking, control your stress levels by not forgetting to do things that make you happy on the sidelines of busyness. For example, listening to music, meditas, reading books, traveling, to watching comedy movies. Many smile and laugh, because laughing also beneficial to your health.
8. Sport
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Exercise can help reduce stress that often makes acne appear. In addition, physical activity can smooth the blood circulation so that the skin receives more oxygen and nutrients that keep it healthy and prevent acne.

Keep in mind also, that you should immediately dry up and take a bath after exercising. This prevents acne coming because it is caused by sweat and dirty clothes after exercise.
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