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Joe Mauer8217s Deal Finally Finalized

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  Joe Mauer8217s Deal Finally Finalized
by: jackky, September 14 2017 11:42 (#1)

Worry no more Minnesota fans; a calming balm to news on Joe Nathans season-ending surgery has quickly arrived. Based on sources, Joe Mauer has been doing what we should mostly all expected and come to an extension agreement. There was progre s toward all of this winter even though I am certain this news today bums out fans in New York and Boston, they should 't be surprised.
At least, the idea that Joe Mauer is staying in Minnesota should not surprise them. What they, along with everybody else, may be impre sed by is for how Donald Hawkins Jersey long. Though an ultimately bogus lead earlier within the off season had Mauer signing a ten-year contract, todays announcement of the eight-year, $184 million deal continues to be an incredibly big one. Beginning in 2011 and covering only what can have been free agent years, Mauer averages $23 million per season through 2018, covering his age 28 through 35 seasons.
Mauer was worth an incredible eight wins this past year even with no credit for his defense, which most Nick Mangold Jersey regard as excellent. Both CHONE and also the Fans expect Mauer to be worth 7.3 wins this coming season, though I'm skeptical he maintains this type of high value as a hitter whilst catching as frequently because the projection systems have him doing. Mauer spent 109 games at catcher last season and 28 at designated hitter and I think thats a roughly fair expectation for him in the future as well. You should always make an effort to be conservative when it comes to catchers.
Overall, I think a 6.5-win projection is a touch more realistic for Mauer, a complete that despite the recently depre sed market, surpa ses his AAV salary. For the short term, this deal is fair to both sides. Where Jeremy Kerley Jersey it might get dicey is down the line when Mauer reaches his mid-30s. I dont think him staying at catcher is required for this to sort out though. Mauers bat is a good example to face a move to first base and he would benefit from a likely increase in playing time. My problem is simply that for being responsible for eight many giving him a complete no trade clause, Personally i think the Twins must have gotten a bit more of a discount.
The general rule is that long term contracts get Steve McLendon Jersey in regards to a 10% discount for compounding injury risk. If you apply that here, Mauers $23 million each year acts more like $25.5 million in valuation, an amount that would require him to maintain a 6-win pace for the duration of his contract. Can he do that? Sure. He might even exceed it, however the downside outstrips the upside here. Thats merely a nitpick though and it might turn out that a number of that money is deferred. In the end, if Minnesota had to cover a few extra million in order to keep Mauer in the Twin Cities, its going to be worth it to them from the PR perspective and its great for baseball Tim Tebow Jersey that this type of star is staying in his home organization.
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